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Born in Osaka, Yoshida, himself the son of a Japanese chef, was taught the traditional art of cooking and so followed in his father’s footsteps. At only fifteen he prepared his first recipies in the kitchen of the family restaurant; his speciality, the Teppanyaki.

Yoshida has now been living in France for ten years and has soon learned to love the French culture letting gourmets take advantage of his talents, first in the Latin Quarter of Paris and then in the Parisian outskirts where he continues to cook and give free rein to his great imagination.

Living in Burgundy since he was three years old, Stéphane Grangeot didn’t become an oenologist by chance. His passion for wine started at a very young age. He discovered the techniques of working in the vineyards and in the wine cellars with his friends from school. In 1996 he obtained his oenologist diploma (DNO) and in 1997 his Masters Degree in International Commerce at the Dijon Business School.


With an extensive and wide-ranging knowledge of the wine industry sector his various experiences have always demonstrated a will to constantly extend his knowledge in wine elaboration.This is why, for all the wines he creates and promotes, he participates in all the steps: from wine maturation, blending of different types of grapes or vintages and bottling. In keeping with his objectives he has created his own commercial company for the purpose of advising clients (SGW) and offering a wide range of selected wines.


Finally his varied experiences have led him into the main French wine-producing regions : Burgundy, Provence, Corsica, Bordeaux (St Emilion) and finally the Languedoc, which have given him an exceptional knowledge of French wines.

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